Social value that sticks

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A data-driven human capital investment roadmap tells you where to invest–and how much–to create financial, human, consumer, and societal value.

Is your organization struggling with:

 Diversity without inclusion?
 Productivity without well-being?
•  Retention without engagement?
 Individual skill development without organizational capacity?
•  Automation without upskilling?
 Corporate purpose without credibility?

Then it’s time to re-think how you measure and improve balanced outcomes.

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Our Solutions

We partner with technology organizations to ensure that investments in leadership development achieve organizational commitments to creating social value.

Doing Well and Doing Good

Organizations must balance their investments to create both economic and social value as they work to achieve their commitments to employees, customers, investors, and the communities they serve. This requires a new way of leading–a human-centered approach.

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Doing Well and Doing Good: Human-Centered Digital Transformation Leadership

Cheryl Flink, Ph.D. Liora Gross and Bill Pasmore, Ph.D.
Coming in Spring 2023
Published by World Scientific

Get a sneak preview by listening to the podcast between Cheryl Flink and Profisee’s Malcolm Hawker as they discuss digital transformation leadership.

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