Social Value ROI

Define, measure and improve your organization’s commitments to creating social value.

Measure what matters to achieve social value goals.

Your credibility is at stake

Demand for data transparency is being driven by customers and investors. Do you have a system of metrics that demonstrates how you achieve social value goals?

Your employees are watching

Now, more than ever, employees want to see that you value them. Can you prove it?

You need to invest in what matters most

Social value outcomes will improve through investing in what matters most. Do you have the right data to guide your people investment strategy?

Our Approach

Humansitas works with organizations to create a purposeful system of measurement that defines social value goals and the critical investment levers for achieving those goals.

What we deliver

Option 1: The Humansitas Social Value ROI Roadmap

For organizations that need to create a measurement system

  • Develop a system of metrics that clearly defines social value  goals and their drivers. Utilize the Humanistas Social Value ROI DatabaseTM, developed from SEC, ISO 9000, and ESG working groups.
  • Work with your analytics team to define a methodology for determining the drivers of social value. Use your existing data and define data gaps.
Option 2: Unique Assessments

For organizations that know how to measure social value outcomes–but can’t pinpoint the drivers of those outcomes.

  • Fill data gaps using unique assessments for specific organizational social value goals, such as DEI, well-being, employee development, and human-centered technology leadership capabilities.
  • Use predictive analytics to identify where you should invest to improve impact on specific social value goals.

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