Human-Centered Technology Leadership: Doing well and doing good

Why We Believe in Human-Centered Leadership

Our collective global future depends on how organizations choose to  balance their investments in creating both economic value and social value. This choice demonstrates commitment to creating a sustainable and equitable future that benefits employees, customers, investors, and stakeholder communities impacted by those choices. We call this human-centered leadership.

Our Mission

To balance the creation of economic and social value through investments in human-centered technology leadership.

Man staring into the distance with reflection of speaker showing on his glasses lens.

Our Values

About Our Name: “Sitas” means “centered” in Latin. We are human-centered.


We are generous with our time, money, and talent.


We hold ourselves accountable to our commitments.


We are dedicated to encouraging intellectual curiosity, advancing knowledge, and promoting human-centered technology leadership.


We love our work, and that’s how we show up!

Join the Conversation

Has your organization made commitments to achieving social value goals–but is not sure how to measure progress? Are you interested in telling your investors how your organization delivers on both economic value and social value? Do your technology leaders need to engage in complex problem solving with a broad stakeholder community? Then we'd love to connect with you!