Human Impact Decision Making

Develop leadership capabilities for creating social value.

Humansitas helps leaders learn how to create social value through complex problem solving, ethical decision making and stakeholder engagement.

Complex problem-solving requires trust

Team collaboration to solve complex social value issues must trust one another. How can leaders create trust and psychological safety?

Unseen consequences make it hard to attain social value goals.

Ethical conflicts are most likely to occur when decisions create unseen consequences. How do leaders become aware of the unseens before they happen?

Ethical decisions must involve the stakeholders impacted by the decision.

All stakeholders must be afforded intrinsic value. How can leaders engage with a stakeholder community to understand multiple perspectives?

Our Approach

Humansitas provides leadership development experiences that build capabilities for engaging multiple stakeholders in delivering social value.

What we deliver

Option 1: Individual Leader Human Impact Decision-Making

For developing individual leader capabilities

  • Develop leadership skills for creating psychological safety and perspective taking.
  • Become familiar with the “unseens” that create unintended human and social consequences.
  • Understand ethical decision-making principles and how to surface unintended negative consequences.
  • Participate in a simulation where learning focuses on group communication, managing stakeholder interests, and negotiating favorable outcomes.
Option 2: Team and Stakeholder Social Value Decision-Making

For developing team leadership capabilities

  • Learn to identify and weight stakeholder values using the Human Impact Calculator™. Explore influences on collective decision-making including team dynamics, opposing interests, and potential cognitive biases.
  • Participate in one of three simulations to collaborate on solving complex social issues with multiple stakeholders. Scenarios include environmental sustainability, governance of common pool resources, and policy development.

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